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Here we have information for buyers including facts on legalities concerning purchasing property direct from an owner.

Why buy your property direct from the owner?

Why buy direct from the Owner?

    * Save money! The Seller does not pay any commission and may be able to pass on some or all of this saving to the buyer.

    * Convenience!   Dealing with the seller you can negotiate directly on the price, also it is easier to arrange viewings and saves time.

    * It's Easy to do!  Some people think that purchasing property from anyone other than a Estate agent is difficult. Purchasing 'For Sale By Owner' is simple.

  Legal Considerations

The number one  MYTH  is that it is complicated and difficult, so legally an Auctioneer is required, on the contrary a Solicitor is the only legal requirment for the transaction. When an agreement is made then both parties Solicitors will make the legal arrangements.


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