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FAQ and Legals

 Q Can I advertise my property privately with For Sale By Owner if I am using an estate agent. ?

 A Yes you can provided you have not given an estate agent sole selling rights over the sale of your property. Most people appoint an estate agent on a  sole agency basis and therefore the selling fees are only payable to that agent if they introduce a purchaser who is willing and able to complete a sale. If you find a purchaser yourself through For Sale By Owner you are not obliged to pay any selling fees. NB   If already with an estate agent, advertising your property with For Sale By Owner will motivate them even more to find a purchaser for your home so they won't lose the commission. Remember it's your Home so you call the shots.

Q When I find a buyer what happens next?

 A  All the legal work is done by your Solicitor. They will look after background checks such as land registry, freehold/leasehold status, covenants or restrictions in the deeds, service charges, ground rents etc. to make the sale legal . All it takes is a phone call to both parties Solicitor’s to get legalities under way.

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